Robert Safian

Founder, The Flux Group,
Former Editor-in-Chief/Managing Editor
of Fast Company, Money, Time, Fortune


Nancy Giordano

Strategic Futurist and
Founder, PlayBig

Vivek Wadhwa

Former CEO, Bestselling Author,
Professor, and Disruptive Futurist

Joel Cohen

Emmy-winning Writer & Producer
of The Simpsons

Jamie Mustard

Communications Futurist,
Author, The Iconist: The Art and
Science of Standing Out

Joey Harrington

Former NFL Quarterback

Michelle Lee

Former Google Executive and
Former Director of the US Patent & Trademark Office

Jeff Leitner

Social Innovation Pioneer and
High-Stakes Strategist

Taryn Stejskal

Nike’s Head of
Global Leadership Development 

Deborah Perry Piscione

Bestselling Author
and Innovation Authority

Tarun Wadhwa

Carnegie Mellon Academic, Author,
Futurist, and Strategic Disruptor

Becoming Iconic: “The Red Rubber Ball Guy”

by Jamie Mustard, excerpted from his new book THE ICONIST: The Art and Science of Standing Out. Here is a beautiful example of someone rose from humble circumstances to become known for Block concepts that have become more recognizable than their names. Kevin Carroll was abandoned by his parents at six years old as a […]

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Toy Blocks Are The Key To Standing Out

by Jamie Mustard (from The Iconist: The Art and Science of Standing Out) Whether we had a good childhood or a bad childhood, most of us would agree that there was a kind of simplicity to our existence back then. As we get older, life seems to get more and more complicated. Taxes, jobs, girlfriends, […]

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How to Go From Being a Disaster to a Great Speaker

by Vivek Wadhwa These days, I revel in the applause my son Tarun gets when he goes on stage. However, it was not always like this. When I saw him forget his lines and freeze up on the podium at the Economist Ideas Economy Information Summit eight years ago, my heart literally sank. I wanted to rush up and give […]

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Why Most Change Initiatives Fail. And What to Do About It

“Write down a change you would like to make in an organization that you are currently with…or  change in the marketplace. Any kind. It can be a big change, it could be a small change – strategic, tactical, something you want people to start doing, something you want people to stop doing,” says Jeff Leitner […]

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