Robert Safian

Founder, The Flux Group,
Former Editor-in-Chief/Managing Editor
of Fast Company, Money, Time, Fortune


Nancy Giordano

Strategic Futurist and
Founder, PlayBig

Vivek Wadhwa

Former CEO, Bestselling Author,
Professor, and Disruptive Futurist

Joel Cohen

Emmy-winning Writer & Producer
of The Simpsons

Jamie Mustard

Communications Futurist,
Author, The Iconist: The Art and
Science of Standing Out

Joey Harrington

Former NFL Quarterback

Michelle Lee

Former Google Executive and
Former Director of the US Patent & Trademark Office

Jeff Leitner

Social Innovation Pioneer and
High-Stakes Strategist

Lance Secretan

Bestselling Leadership Authority and
Award-winning Keynote Speaker

Deborah Perry Piscione

Bestselling Author
and Innovation Authority

Jeanne Bliss

Leadership Authority and
Customer Customer Officer Pioneer

Tarun Wadhwa

Carnegie Mellon Academic, Author,
Futurist, and Strategic Disruptor

The (Optimistic) Future Of Food

by Nancy Giordano “Well, that was an encouraging day!” Rosa, a brain augmentation engineer reflects. She takes a few intentional deep breaths, then steps away from her desk, grabs the bag Kush, her robotic assistant packed earlier, and jumps into her waiting autonomous-driving vehicle for the 40 min ride into Portland. She is so looking […]

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Joel Cohen’s keynote provides insight (and tons of humor) into the success of The Simpsons

by Mike Humphrey Over a wonderfully fresh shrimp, avocado and arugula salad at a trendy Philly restaurant, Joel Cohen describes the concept of the “puke draft”.  No, it had nothing to do with his lunch.  He shares how ideas are most often half-baked and incomplete at their genesis. So, members of his team at The […]

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What Is The Role Of Business In A Shifting Society?

What Is The Role Of Business In A Shifting Society?  by Nancy Giordano Back in the 1790’s, the Industrial Revolution was underway. Artisans making one product gave way to mechanization with companies making multiple products. In the 1830’s, US railroad companies became the first truly modern management organizations. Those early superhighways lowered the cost of […]

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If Change Is Always the Answer, What Are the Questions?

Technology Seeks Society’s Forgiveness, Not Permission By Vivek Wadhwa A key difference between today’s and past transformations is that technological evolution has become much faster than the existing regulatory, legal, and political framework’s ability to assimilate and respond to it. It’s a Moore’s Law world; we just live in it.

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