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Speakers Need Champions

The dictionary defines a champion as someone who fights or speaks publicly in support of a person, belief, cause, etc. In the relatively invisible world of the speaking industry, even great speakers get lost. The right champion can carve a path to success. That’s why our mission is to spot innate talent, harness powerful messages, unlock performance potential, and make the speaking world aware of the precious talent at our fingertips.

Event Professionals and Speaking Agents Need Champions, Too

This is not your grandfather’s speaking world. The bar has been raised, with organizations demanding an elite level of performance and effectiveness from their keynote speakers; there is just too much at stake to accept anything less. With speaking agents now acting as strategic partners, there must be an assurance that the world-class speakers we book are of the highest quality and value to the organizations we partner with.

Who We Are

Nextup Speaker Management is that champion. We provide the expertise that the speaking world demands. Nextup works intimately with the best business speakers to consistently deliver remarkable speaking experiences. We partner closely with speaker agents and event organizers, demanding the highest level of speaker preparation before the event, impressive performances at the event, and excellent after-action activities following the event.

Michael Humphrey

CEO of Nextup


Mike studied computer science at the University of Maryland, but when he was asked to run one of the largest university entertainment organizations in the country, he found his true calling.  In 1989, he moved to representing speakers and has worked with the spectrum of cool, distinguished, and world-changing speakers throughout the years.  The names on his list include Carl Sagan, Jimmy Carter, Peter Drucker, Malcolm Gladwell, Queen Latifa, Hunter S. Thompson,  Desmond Tutu, Ed Bradley, Clay Christensen, Dan Rather, Oprah Winfrey, and many others.

Mike has been involved in public service his whole life, from organizing programs for homeless shelters in Washington DC, to leading ministries at his church, to coaching the youth track and field team, to his role as Councilman in his hometown of Clinton, New Jersey.

Intensely curious and hyper-creative, Mike has grown the careers of numerous speakers, helping them develop several best-selling books and keeping his speakers on the leading-edge of speaking topics and thought-leadership.

Nextup Speaker Management is an open-source and bureau-friendly professional speaker’s bureau partner. We create forward momentum for everyone involved in our work.

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Nextup Speaker Management is ready to make your next speaker stand out and be truly memorable. Our goal is to make finding world-class speakers easy, efficient, and even enjoyable. Our staff and bureau partners stand ready and available to discuss the needs of your event and provide you with names that deliver the results you seek. We look forward to partnering with you and making your event a successful and memorable occasion.

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