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Great Public Speakers in History

There have been countless great speakers in history. Those that not only wrote memorable words but spoke them with the intensity and passion that stayed in the hearts and minds of individuals for many years. The following motivational speakers are considered some of the best in the world:

  • Eric Thomas: He is a writer and a minister who is known for speeches like “When You Want to Succeed as Bad as You Want to Breathe.”®
  • Les Brown: Author, DJ, and former member of the Ohio House of Representatives, he is known for telling his audiences: “You have greatness!”
  • Tony Robbins: Life coach Tony Robins is an author, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. His topics include health, fitness, personal development, business coaching, and more.
  • Nick Vujicic: He is a Serbian-Australian Christian evangelist who was born with Tetra-Amelia syndrome, an extremely unusual disease that is characterized by having no arms or legs.
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger: He is a Hollywood actor, businessman, investor, politician, and former professional bodybuilder. His topics include politics, health, and the “power of America’s greatness.”

All of these speakers are motivational speakers who are magnetic, motivating, and memorable. They exude confidence, excitement, and authenticity. The persona they project is natural and believable, which helps them project charisma and passion. When you are searching for the best guest speakers for hire, contact Nextup Speaker Management at 973.792.8200 or