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Making your ideas STAND OUT and stick in the minds of others


When it comes to most conferences and meetings, something is missing.  We think of it as Forgettable Message Syndrome.

It is not for the lack of effort. Speakers (and their staff) will spend hours curating their speech and practicing their performance until it is ready.  Yet something is still missing.

That something is the Iconic Idea.  New research has proven how to create any idea or message Stand Out and Stick in the minds of others.  Nextup is now providing leaders with the new tools and skills that will make their messages truly memorable. The goal is to make your core message unforgettable long after your event ends.  We work closely with you to analyze both the key concerns of the audience and the endgame goals for your organization.  We then help you build iconic messaging that is consistent across all speakers at your event.

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Standing Out

Jamie Mustard and Mike Humphrey have consulted with numerous executives, politicians, artists, authors, and speakers on how to create life-changing moments with iconic ideas.

Jamie Mustard

Jamie is the author of The ICONIST: The Art and Science of Standing Out (November, 2019) and the pioneer in the use of BLOCKS™ to enable anyone to create Icons in the minds of others.

Mike Humphrey

The CEO of Nextup has helped build the speaking career of many of the world’s biggest business speakers and has coached hundreds of speakers on building cutting-edge content and unforgettable stories in their keynote performances.

Jamie Mustard
The Art and Science of Standing Out
Mike Humphrey
The Secrets to Great Speakers