Elevating Blue

Elevating Blue

The Difference Maker for Candidates

Find your unique voice and transform your message into something that moves voters.  Stand out, grab them by the heart and compel them to believe in you.

Our goal is to elevate your campaign and provide you a much better chance of winning.  We provide comprehensive services, including:

  • Find Your Voice - We help you create and tell your story, unlocking that unique voice inside you which gravitates people towards you.  "If they like you, they might vote for you. But if the Love you, they will not only vote for you, they will find ways to help you by donating money, volunteering for your campaign, and/or convince a friend to vote for you," says Mike Humphrey.
  • Platform Building - Develop your goals that people remember.  We take the research of iconic messaging and apply it to your platform, working closely with you to build goals that are big, uncomplicated and easy to echo for your potential voters.
  • Marketing Strategy - We are shoulder deep into the digital campaign era, and the tide is only rising. We help you prioritizing strategies, utilizing the right tools, creating high quality content (including videos, graphic design material and live online events) that will maximize your limited marketing dollars and create the most support for your campaign.
Red to Blue - Helping Flip Our Political Future with Nextup

Shifting Red to Blue

Nextup’s Elevating Blue program helps flip red seats to blue.   We develop strategies for your campaign that pinpoint opportunities to win the votes of unaffiliated and moderate republican voters.  We identify common ground and similar hot-button issues, then build a communications plan that captures their hearts…and their votes.

The goal is to capture the seat.  No matter how red your district has become, we can help.   Contact us for a free consultation.

Strengthening Democratic Districts

Strengthening Democratic Districts

Great "Blue Leadership" is more than just electability.  It is about growing a strong base of supporters, developing smart policies, and standing up for what is right (even when it is hard).

Nextup’s Elevating Blue program helps you build a stronger democratic base in your district.  Getting things done is the strength of local leadership, and takes support and vision to make that happen.  Talk with us about how we can help.

Learn more about how we can make you

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