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Jamie Mustard

Author, The ICONIST: The Art and Science of Standing Out

  • Author, The ICONIST: The Art and Science of Standing Out  
  • O.W.L (Outstanding Work in Literature) Award-Winner
  • Writer and Resident Iconist at Forbes Ignite
  • Economics Degree from the London School of Economics
  • Graduate of Georgetown University’s Engalitcheff Institute
  • Former Vice-President of Strategy for Power PR

How do we STAND OUT when each of us is bombarded with information, coming at us from all directions, in all forms? We all know that if you can’t get heard or seen, then success is nearly impossible.   Jamie Mustard is the world’s leading authority on perception in the physical world.  His two decades of research explore the science and art of human attention, and provides practical solutions for you and your organization to STAND OUT, and even become iconic.  The spellbinding case studies and refreshing lessons provide you with the inspiration to change.  Jamie consults with leading companies, CEOs, creative artists, etc. (most recently joining Forbes Ignite as their Iconist in Residence), getting their messages, products, brands and ideas to STAND OUT.

Areas of Expertise

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Jamie Mustard

How to STAND OUT When It Matters Most

Each of us is bombarded with information, coming at us from all directions, in all forms. We suffer from both an addiction to and fatigue from our daily “information tsunamis”, as our biological instinct is to instantly reject the overload.

And here is the problem: If you can’t get heard, then nobody cares. This has huge implications for companies and organizations.  Jamie Mustard is an expert on getting thru, and making it stick.

He is the world’s leading authority on perception in the physical world.  Steeped in the worlds of technology, product engagement, and the creative arts, Jamie consults with leading companies, CEOs, creative artists, etc., getting their messages, products, brands and ideas to STAND OUT to their desired audiences.

This is the science and art of getting heard and being memorable in iconic fashion.  A graduate of the London School of Economics, Jamie’s work is an explanation of the ‘economics of attention’ based on the primal laws and neuro-scientific research on human perception called BLOCKS™, which explain why anything STANDS OUT and endures in the mind (or fails to).  In his bestselling and O.W.L  Award-winning book, The ICONIST: The Art and Science of Standing Out,  he uses case studies in business and pop culture, in addition to his extensive scientific research, to explore how BLOCKS™ solve one of our most crucial problems: Being made invisible.

Jamie Mustard is an incpiring speaker on how to Stand OutHe helps build focused and immediately effective business practices to help you get heard. Stop wasting so much money, time and valuable resources fighting for meaningful attention in an over-saturated world.

Forbes Ignite named Jamie the "Iconist in Residence" and staff writer, directing the creative design for Forbes newest magazine. he is also a columnist for magazine The Human Take.

He has spoken, educated and inspired others with his work ubiquitously including, Cisco, Intel, Symantec, Adidas, Pacific Northwest College of Art and TEDx . Jamie’s ICONIST work has spanned some of the world’s leading companies, technologies, artists, designers, creatives, non-profits and the globe.  In his vibrant multimedia speech presentations, he gives audiences the power of capturing attention to those who are feeling stifled by an over-messaged culture. When we can get attention at will, we can motivate and inspire others, adapt faster, get buy-in, improve organizational culture, generate demand, increase productivity and ultimately be more fulfilled as organizations and individuals.

Speech Topics




DRAG is the deep, often hidden, chasm between understanding yourself–your true value–as a brand, an art, a product, message, innovation or endeavor–and what your audience truly cares about.

In order for us to communicate who we are and engage anyone effectively, we need to know our own immediately understood Block or Icon’ed self… or we experience drag.

Jamie Mustard - Drag TheoryIf you don’t understand what about your offering your target market most cares about-–and haven’t created a ROAD SIGN to communicate it–-you are not only experiencing financial loss, loss of market share and inefficiency, but you are experiencing the frustration, that deep nag, that you could be doing more.

No matter how successful you are, if you know in your gut  “If the world only knew” you would be even more sought after, then DRAG is weighing down and holding back not just you but your entire company and its prosperity.


How Andy Warhol and Martin Luther King Are Revolutionizing Today’s Business World

As technology has made the human experience easier, it has also created an explosion of content and choice, products and services, all 'diluting' us as individuals. We are competing with a constantly increasing level of noise for the limited attention spans of those we are trying to reach.

Jamie Mustard shares his years of research, showcased in the award-winning bestseller The Iconist: The Art and Science of Standing Out, to show how iconic messages, ideas, businesses, art, music, design, ads or any communication, even advertising STAND OUT and take hold in the mind.  Whether you are an executive, painter, advertiser, graphic designer, musician, salesperson, or just someone passionate about an idea, Jaime will show you how to make your ideas take precedence over the competing environment and get the attention necessary to succeed.

Jamie Mustard is a dynamic storyteller and fascinating thought-leader who uses the perfect mix of research and case studies, and provides the tools and inspiration to Stand Out when it matters most.

The First Choice!:
How to Stand Out and Become the Customer's Top Choice

The author of the award-winning bestseller The Iconist: The Art and Science of Standing Out shares simple, timeless strategies on what it takes to become the number one buying choice for customers. In a bold and vibrant message, Jamie Mustard tells audiences how to cut through the growing digital noise and social complexities to achieve something simple: to capture the undivided attention of customers, become memorable and trusted, to the point of always being the first person they call or the first thing they pick up off of the shelf.

First Choice - Speaker Jamie MustardHis lessons, backed by 15 years of research, are relevant for any person, any industry, and any situation where you need to breakthrough to a customer and capture their business. The message is also key to leader, innovator, artist, or thought-leader who needs to be heard and resonate to be effective.  This is a life-changing presentation for almost any audience.



THE ICONIST: The Art and Science of Standing Out

O.W.L (Outstanding Work in Literature) Award-Winner and Amazon Bestseller

  • Why do we immediately recognize art by Van Gogh and Warhol?
  • What does Beethoven share with Rage Against the Machine and Madonna?
  • What makes us remember the words of Churchill and King (as well as Nationwide Insurance and Nike)?

With the rise of digital media and advertising, a constant barrage of information makes it nearly impossible to be seen and heard.  In The Iconist, branding and design strategist Jamie Mustard shows you how individuals, organizations, and brands can break through the noise.

The secret to standing out lies in creating content that the desired audience will “lock” onto and remember with little effort—simple, bold ideas that can be immediately understood. The Iconist reveals a set of primal laws in human society that explain why some things stand out and endure in the mind, while others are rejected. Blending relevant examples from history and pop culture with cutting-edge psychology, Mustard explores why certain things stick and others fade from memory—and gives you an owner’s manual to make any idea, product, or service stand out and be remembered. Forget relying on luck or trial-and-error: Mastering this process will enable you, no matter your field or endeavor, to confidently craft messages that resonate with your target audience through simple, fool-proof methods.

For businesses, marketers, teachers, advertises, artists—from thought leaders to anyone trying to write a resume—The Iconist shows how to grab and hold attention. Fair warning, though: This book will change the way you view your audience . . . and the entire world around you.


Praise for The ICONIST

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Rich Karlgaard, Publisher at Forbes

"Human attention span is today and forever’s scarcity. Jamie Mustard saw the trend early. He studied and lived it deeply. He cracked the code. THE ICONIST is a must-read for all entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, CEOs and shapers of opinion.”

Daniel Pink, author of WHEN, DRIVE, and A WHOLE NEW MIND

"We all have a yearning to matter to the world. Jamie Mustard has provided a roadmap for each of us to be heard, feel valid, and even leave a legacy in the noise of our new digital lives. THE ICONIST is awash in fresh ideas for being noticed and being remembered, making this sparkling and practical book."

Kevin Carroll, bestselling author, speaker, and social change agent

“Jamie’s codification of Icons explain why all art works and generates interest, or fails to hit the mark.”

William Taylor, Co-Founder of Fast Company, Author of SIMPLY BRILLIANT

"In a marketplace that's more crowded, noisy, and confusing than ever, it's harder than ever to stand out and be noticed—whether you're designing a product, selling a service, or marketing yourself. Jamie Mustard offers a remarkable set of provocative ideas and a collection of engaging case studies to meet the defining business challenge of our time. 'The ICONIST' is itself a standout, as useful as it is original."

Holt McCallany, star of "Mind Hunters" on Netflix

“There is no one better at getting the world to understand what you have to offer.”


  • Nike
  • United States Army Special Forces
  • Weiden + Kennedy
  • Content London Television Conference
  • Parsons School of Design the New School
  • Pratt Institute
  • Tektronix- Business Expo West
  • Hult International Business School
  • Creative Mornings
  • Acqualina Resort
  • Peavey Electronics
  • Adidas
  • General Electric
  • World Congress of Science Producers
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