Jeanne Bliss Speaking

Jeanne Bliss

Pioneered the Role of the Chief Customer Officer

  • CCO of Lands’ End, Microsoft, Coldwell Banker, and Allstate
  • Author of four international bestsellers, including the iconic Chief Customer Officer
  • Cofounded the Customer Experience Professionals Association (PXPA)
  • Created the podcast show The Chief Customer Officer Human Duct Tape Show
  • Over 2,000 speeches to date.

Jeanne Bliss (bio) helps transform organizations into Leadership Bravery cultures.  The practice of creating value and loyalty is as much the art of human behavior as it is the science of management.   She builds a new case for brave leadership with an understanding that there’s always a human at the end of our decisions – inspiring people, elevating them to memory makers, and uniting those pesky silos to deliver experiences that earn admirable, ongoing growth.

Areas of Expertise

Leadership  |  Strategy  |  Loyalty  |  Growth  |  Teams  |  Execution  |  Customer Experience |  Competition


Speech Topics

Leadership Bravery:  Doing the hard things that drive great companies.

We often confuse “Leadership” with “Management”.

Very few companies “manage” themselves into the hearts of customers and employees. Instead, it takes courageous leadership and the character to put people first, to explore human behavior and to understand what really matters to each of us.

Jeanne Bliss has worked with thousands of leaders to help build type of High-Growth, High-Touch companies that inspire others.  By understanding the human on the other end of a leadership decision, organizations both expand their opportunities for sustainable profits and create a viral “wow-factor”.

Jeanne is one of the foremost authorities on Customer-Focused Leadership, and her vibrant presentations are packed with tons of take-home leadership tools for your audience. Her approach helps pinpoint where management actions are causing customer and employee unrest, and how brave leadership mindsets create opportunities to deliver what matters most to people.

How to Build Your Customer-Driven Growth Engine

Adapted from Jeanne’s Book Chief Customer Officer 2.0: How to Build Your Customer-Driven Growth Engine

Just how do you go about building a customer-centric company? How do you earn consistent growth by improving customers’ lives?  In this keynote or workshop, Jeanne Bliss demystifies how you can successfully lead a customer experience transformation. Built around her five-competency framework that has launched and advanced the customer experience transformation in businesses around the world, Jeanne will help you embed these competencies, unite your leadership team and enact quick and effective change.   She will also share some of the more than one hundred interviews conducted with CCO’s around the world and how they are bringing these competencies to their organizations.


Client List and Testimonials

Air Transat
Copa Airlines
Southwest Airlines

Arts and Entertainment
Living Social
The Smithsonian Institute
Ubisoft Gaming

Associations & Memberships
AHIP – American’s Health Insurance Plans
AMA – American Marketing Association
AVDA – American Veterinary Distributors Association
ALTA – American Land Title Association
CUNA – Credit Union National Association
CXPA – Customer Experience Professionals Association
DMA – Direct Marketing Association
CMO Council – Chief Marketing Officer Council
WOMMA – Word of Mouth Marketing Association

Automotive and Vehicles
Auto Desk

Banking and Finance
AAA Insurance
Ameriprise Financial
Coop Financial
Country Meadows
Edward Jones
GE Capital Solutions
H&R Block
Liberty Mutual
Norwich Union
Physician’s Mutual
Prudential Insurance
Safeco Insurance
Sun Life
TD Ameritrade
Wells Fargo

Allstream Canada
Bombardier Aerospace
Century Furniture
The Irvine Company
Industrial Supply Association
JD Powers
Maritz CX
Mitchell Workflow
MSA – The Safety
National Rural Electric Cooperative Association
Vistakon, Johnson & Johnson
Western Candy Conference

Arizona State University
Laureate Online

Food and Drink
Krispy Kreme
Tim Horton’s
Wakefern Food Corp.

Government & Community
Canada Post
BC Hydro

Attain Fertility
Blue Cross Blue Shield
Gulfside Regional Hospice
Kaiser Permanente
St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
Vein Clinics

News and Media
Boussias Communications- Greece
The Conference Board
Information Today
Marketing Profs
Motley Fool
Source Media
Thomson Reuters
Wolter Kluwer Company

The Maids Home Services

Bath Fitters
Bluestem Brands
Brooks Brothers
Costco Wholesale
Hearts on Fire Jewelers
Krispy Kreme
Pella Windows
Picture People
Schottenstein Stores Corp.

Sports & Recreation
Bombardier Recreational Products

Software / Technology
CDC Software
Citrix Systems
Per Se Technologies
Sage Software

Blue Green Vacations

Bell Canada
Flow Jamaica
Pacific Gas & Electric
Smart Communications
Southern California Edison
Time Warner Cable

Conferences (just a few)
Australia Customer Service Institute
Best Practice Conference
Center for Services Leadership Symposium
The Conference Board
Delight Conference
Forrester Customer Experience
Institute for International Research
International Customer Service Association
Loyalty 360
Loyalty World
NextGen CX
Net Promoter
Retail CX
Services Leadership Institute


Jeanne Bliss Leadership Speaker

Would You Do That to Your Mother?: The "Make Mom Proud" Standard for How to Treat Your Customers

Customer experience pioneer Jeanne Bliss shows why “Make Mom Proud” companies outperform their competition. Her 5-step guide to customer experience and culture transformation makes this achievement possible.

Bliss urges companies to make business personal to earn ardent fans and admirers, by focusing on one deceptively simple question: "Would you do that to your mother?"

“Make Mom Proud” companies give customers the treatment they desire, and employees the ability to deliver it. They turn “gotcha” moments into “we’ve got your back” moments by rethinking business practices, and they enable employees to be part of the solution to fix customer frustrations.

Bliss scoured the marketplace seeking companies who excel at living their core values, grounded in what we all learned as kids. She offers a five-step plan for evaluating your current behaviors and implementing actions at every level of the organization.

Step 1. “Be the Person I Raised You to Be”
Understand how you are hiring, developing and trusting employees to bring the best version of themselves to work. Vail resorts, for example, the world's largest ski resort operator, banned the three words "Our policy is..." from their vocabulary, freeing employees to take spirited actions to deliver "the experience of a lifetime."

Step 2. “Don’t Make Me Feed You Soap”
Learn the eight key frustrations that bind us as customers (waiting, fear, anxiety, the black hole of no communication, etc.) and how to apply actions from companies who are delivering a seamless, frictionless and easy experience.

Step 3. “Put Others Before Yourself”
Determine if your focus is on helping customers achieve their goals – and evaluate how that is fueling your growth. Canada's Mayfair Diagnostics, for example, spent over a year studying the emotions of patients entering an imaging clinic, so they could redesign their welcome to deliver warmth and caring over procedure and process. The newly designed clinic achieved profitability in record time.

Step 4.  “Take the High Road”
Learn how companies who do the right thing rise above the competition. Virgin Hotels, for example, named #1 U.S. hotel by Conde Nast Reader's Choice Awards, walked away from price gouging at the mini bar, so you'll never pay more for that Snickers bar than what you'd pay at the corner market.

Step 5.  “Stop the Shenanigans!”
Evaluate your current company behaviors and identify the key actions that you can begin immediately.

With 32 case studies and examples from more than 85 companies, this is a practical and easy to follow guide for your experience and culture transformation. Filled with comics to snapshot our experiences as customers, a “mom lens” to reflect continuously on your performance, and a “make-mom-proud-ometer” quiz – the book makes Bliss’s approach accessible and approachable.

Chief Customer Officer bookChief Customer Officer : Getting Past Lip Service to Passionate Action

Considered the Chief Customer Officer’s survival guide, this book prepares the CCO for the work ahead, with reality-based tools, audits, templates and stories. Translated into eight languages, this book has become purchased by most new Customer Leadership Executives and their teams around the world.


Customer Experience BookCHIEF CUSTOMER OFFICER 2.0

A 5-Competency roadmap to build your customer-driven growth engine. This book contains an explicit path and set of actions to unite your Chief Customer Officer and leadership team in leading your customer-driven transformation. It will guide you on how to earn the right to growth by improving customers’ lives.


ILYMTMD_AE"I Love You More Than My Dog": Five Decisions That Drive Extreme Customer Loyalty in Good Times and Bad

This easily consumed and enjoyable book demystifies how your company can earn the rave of customers and employees in the marketplace. 45 case studies spot-light decisions made by beloved companies that your company can emulate to earn devoted customers, social media accolades and growth, even in a down economy.


Jeanne Bliss

The Case for Leadership Bravery

Setting aside all of the jargon and “consultant speak”, we realize the simple mission of business: To create value for customers.

And in that simplicity is the opportunity to elevate others.  The practice of creating value, realizing value, and becoming loyal to that value is as much the art of human behavior as it is the science of management.  Face it…working with people can at times be hard, and messy, and frustrating.  But it is those wonderful moments, big and small, when great things happen and that make companies beloved by customers and employees alike.

To transform organizations into high-value cultures takes a Bravery to Lead the human side of business.

Jeanne Bliss has dedicated her entire four decade career to improving leadership focus. She served as the chief customer executive for Lands’ End, Microsoft, Coldwell Banker, and Allstate (and a strategic lead at Mazda), moving their strategic focus and initiating their cultural transformation of each brands’ customer experience.  The result was earning the achievement of 95 percent loyalty rates and dramatically increasing profitable customer relationships.

Bliss has established herself as one of the top advisors to business leaders, helping them bravely steer their organizations to create more value and become the best version of themselves.

She builds a new case for brave leadership with an understanding that there’s always a human at the end of our decisions – inspiring people, elevating them to memory makers, and uniting those pesky silos to deliver experiences that earn admirable, ongoing growth.

Her passionate presentations provide a clear roadmap for leaders to tackle the things that really matter to customers and employees…the things the drive increased loyalty and kindness, and in turn increase revenue.  She has coached over 15,000 leaders around the world and have given over 2,000 speeches, and leaving an indelible mark every time.