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Motivational Leadership vs. Inspirational Leadership

by Lance Secretan

MOTIVATION is based on fear…..INSPIRATION is based on love.

MOTIVATION is based on a need for each other…..INSPIRATION is based on love for each other.

MOTIVATION is driven by the social self…..INSPIRATION is energized by the essential self.

MOTIVATION is based on me, on serving my needs…..INSPIRATION is based on you, on serving your needs.

MOTIVATION is a “push”…..INSPIRATION is a “pull”.

MOTIVATION is an idea you go after…..INSPIRATION is an idea that goes after you.

MOTIVATION is lighting a fire under someone…..INSPIRATION is lighting a fire within someone.

The fact that we use the terms “motivation” and “inspiration” interchangeably suggests that our understanding of the difference is weak, and because of this, we are not clear about when to use the one or the other.

It is time to become as expert and practiced at inspiring each other as we have become at motivating each other. Our capacity for leadership and coaching—in fact, any means by which we enhance the spirit of others—will become raised when we develop inspiring processes, make organizations and experiences inspiring and focus on and grow our expertise in being inspiring for others—in every aspect of our lives.

Lance Secretan is a leadership pioneer who is the author of 22 leadership books, and ranked as one of the world’s top leadership coaches and keynote speakers. 

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