futurist and keynote speaker Nancy Giordano at AAPN

Nancy Giordano Explores the Future and “Leadering” at Apparel Industry Conference

AAPN’s annual meeting featured impressive keynote speakers, including strategic futurist Nancy Giordano, and provided lots of opportunities for networking and developing business relationships in the apparel supply chain.

TW Special Report

The Americas Apparel Producers’ Network’s (AAPN’s) 2019 pro:Americas Annual Conference was set against the backdrop of the beautiful Faena Forum and Faena Hotel in Miami Beach, Fla.

The two-day event was packed with meaningful presentations that resonated with the more than 200 attendees who came from every aspect of the supply chain.

Popular keynote speaker and futurist Nancy GiordanoThe keynote speaker, strategic futurist Nancy Giordano, is the CEO and founder of Play Big Inc., where she considers the emerging intersection of technology, business and society. She spoke about ways to deal with change and the speed of change happening with culture and technology. She offered six ways to “Play Big:” to wonder versus resist; navigate versus replicate; contribute versus extract; be connected versus alone; engage in leaderING versus leaderSHIP; and to be audacious versus incremental. There was emphasis on leadering as a way to play big and have an impact on the world in a more dynamic and more humanistic way.

“With so many attendees representing over 130 companies, this was clearly the most important networking event in the Western Hemisphere, and possibly globally,” said AAPN president Anzovino. “Where else can you witness the talent and experience of the speakers and panels in a two-day session – and have the access to these individuals plus the executives and leaders that were in attendance? This continues to be the ‘must attend’ event of the year.”