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Nextup Speaker Marketing specializes in the unique needs of quality keynote speakers.  CEO Mike Humphrey has helped grow the careers of many of the world’s leading speakers since the 1980s.  The speaking-world has since become hyper-competitive, so Mike created Nextup to help speakers Stand Out in an increasingly crowded speaking market.

We work closely with speakers as their partners in the growth of their speaking career.  We learn about their passions and help curate their content, building custom solutions for speakers that highlight what makes them special and truly authentic.

Our services include:

Develop and refresh topics and speech content

Manage social media marketing platforms

Create promotional videos  (in both long and short form)

Custom build speaker-focused websites

Craft and execute print and email marketing campaigns

Produce book-launch promotional campaigns

Grow profitable relationships with speaking agents

Provide expert speech coaching and performance analysis


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Our mission is to unleash the full potential of truly talented speakers.  We invite you to learn more and receive a free initial assessment.

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