Building Speaker Careers

Mike Humphrey will reveal to the world the SUPERPOWER IN YOU

Having represented some of the most influential minds of the last 50 years, including Malcolm Gladwell, Margaret Atwood, Jared Diamond, Peter DruckerJohn Naisbitt, Richard Branson, Desmond Tutu, Hunter Thompson, Robert Safian, Kurt Vonnegut, Muhammad Yunus, Oprah and Jimmy Carter just to name a few, Mike Humphrey knows a few secrets about what makes a speaker good, great or even transcendent.

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Part of the formula lies in tapping into the part of yourself––that special thing...the key––that is uniquely you. After working with hundreds of the most powerful speakers of the 20th century, Mike left the traditional speaking industry to focus on educating others and developing new voices. He feels that keynote speaking has become commoditized and speaker bureaus now operate on a transactional model, with absolutely no hands-on-development of the speaker whether well-known or not.  In other words, only those with existing platforms, not necessarily those with the most important, interesting and culture shifting messages, were being promoted. Mike had gotten into speaking with the intent of bringing fresh and important ideas to the world.  He knows that you being you is what creates a special experience for any audience.

Change is inevitable, but almost nobody is prepared for massive disruption. The impact of coronavirus has been unrelenting: hospitals struggling with capacity, students sent home, sold out inventory, remote work and cities struggling to reopen businesses.  The pandemic of 2020 has been especially harsh to the conference and speaking industry, a lateral shift unlike anything that we have seen in our lifetime.  To adapt, companies, non-profits, schools, and associations have rapidly shifted to using online meetings and virtual webinars in place of live events.  The speaking world is forever changed, and everyone is trying to figure out what is next. Mike helps speakers to create innovative strategies to quickly adapt and build careers in this "new normal".

Mike believes that almost anyone can become a great speaker––as long as there is an idea, and a passion to share that idea with others. He believes that ideas represent hope;  hope is what lifts us, improves us, and makes us work towards a better future.  The key is tapping into that person’s distinct human essence and bringing that to the forefront. One must first understand that “the content of any talk is merely the residue of the unique experiential fingerprint that all of us possess as human beings. Only when the audience experiences YOU as the most important thing does the information you relay take hold and stay with them.”  Mike, can teach you what your message of ‘hope’ will be.

Mike’s talent, training and gift lies in his ability to quickly examine and recognize what a person’s distinct human quality is as a speaker––no matter their experience level––and show them how to use it. This is why everyone––from aspiring public servants to some of the most acclaimed high-profile contributors on earth––call him for advice. He treats them all the same with his insatiable curiosity for learning about the superpower that each and every one of us possesses.

Counter-intuitively, this fingerprint makes the process far simpler than one would expect and far easier than any speaker would imagine.  Mike rapidly helps you raise your game, teaches you the business of speaking, and helps you create the greatest chance to build a successful speaking career.  Most importantly, he helps you build certainty and confidence in YOU.

Speakers with two, three, and even four decades of experience say they have learned more from Mike in five minutes about how to harness their individual power than they their entire career.


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