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Nextup Speaker Management works with a roster of world-class speakers. These are thought-leaders, experienced executives and bestselling authors that inspire audiences. Our business keynote speakers all share one great trait...they create life-changing moments for your attendees. They provide new perspectives and increase the chance for your success in the future.

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Nancy Giordano

Strategic Futurist, Corporate Strategist, Keynote Speaker

Leading Expert on Creating the Future

  • Founder & CEO, Play Big Inc.
  • Former Leading Marketing Executive
  • Ranked as One of the “World’s Top Female Futurists” and Top 7 “Women of Influence on the Future of Leadership”
  • Curator of TEDxAustin and TEDxYouth@Austin
  • Producer of Gigaom Change leadership summit.

Areas of Expertise

Innovation  |  Technology  |  Strategy  |  Branding  |  Future of Work  |  Agility  |  Consumers  |  Leadership  |  AI  |  Talent  |  Cryto-Currencies

Robert Safian

Founder of The Flux Group
Editor-in-Chief/Managing Editor for
Fast CompanyTimeFortuneMoney

Highlighting the Future of Business

  • Founder of The Flux Group
  • Former Editor-in-Chief of Fast Company
  • Former Managing Editor of Money, Fortune, Time
  • 2-time winner, “Magazine of the Year” Award
  • Awarded “Editor of the Year” and “Innovator of the Year”

Areas of Expertise

Innovation  |  Leadership  |  Technology  |  Strategy  |  Disruption  |  Workforce  |  Competition  |  Agility  |  Talent  |  Artificial Intelligence



Joel Cohen

Emmy-Winning Writer & Co-Executive Producer, The Simpsons

How Sustained Creativity is Making History

  • Co-Producer and Writer, The Simpsons
  • Earned an MBA at York University
  • Former Ad Executive/Manager, Turner Broadcasting
  • Awards: 2 Emmys and 3 Writer's Guild Award
  • Author, How to Lose a Marathon: A Starter's Guide to Finishing in 26.2 Chapters

Areas of Expertise

Innovation  |  Team Work  |  Creativity  |  Culture  |  Sustained Success  |  Humor

Vivek Wadhwa

Technology & Innovation Author, Academic and Futurist

Technology’s Great Communicator

Areas of Expertise

Technology  |  Strategy  |  Healthcare  |  Finance  |  Robotics  |  Talent  |  Manufacturing  |  Global Markets  |  Innovation  |  Disruption  |  Mobile  |  Quantum Computing  |  Block Chain  |  Future of Work



Jeff Leitner is a wonderfully inspirational speaker

Jeff Leitner

Social Innovation Pioneer & High-Stakes Strategist

Harnessing the Power of The Unwritten Rules

  • Architect of the Unwritten Rules
  • Designer of the first doctorate in social innovation
  • Founder of Unwritten Labs
  • Founder of Insight Labs, the first philanthropic think tank
  • Fellow at New America, a think tank for American renewal
  • Author of See Think Solve: A Simple Way to Tackle Tough Problems

Areas of Expertise

Leadership  |  Innovation  |  Organizational Change  |  Strategy  |  Disruption  |  Culture  |  Problem-Solving  |  Team Dynamics  |  Transformation  |  Social Impact

Joey Harrington

Former NFL Quarterback, Broadcaster and Foundation Executive

How Imperfection Creates Better People and Better Organizations

  • NFL Quarterback, Detroit Lions, Miami Dolphins, Atlanta Falcons
  • Heisman Trophy Finalist for #2 ranked University of Oregon Football
  • TEDx Speaker
  • Sports Broadcaster, Fox, FX, OSN
  • Founder, Harrington Family Foundation
  • Accomplished Jazz Musician (appeared w/ Jason Mraz, Blues Traveler, and Third Eye Blind)

Areas of Expertise

Leadership  |  Inspiration  |  Teamwork  |  Peak Performance  |  Effectiveness  |  Authenticity  |  Risk-taking



Jamie Mustard

Author, The ICONIST: The Art and Science of Standing Out

The Art and Science of How to STAND OUT + TAKE HOLD

  • Author of the highly anticipated book The ICONOIST: The Art and Science of Standing Out  (October 2019)
  • Economics Degree from the London School of Economics
  • Graduate of Georgetown University’s Engalitcheff Institute
  • Former Vice-President of Strategy for Power PR
  • TEDx Portland Speaker
  • Host of RadioActive

Areas of Expertise

Leadership  |  Communication  |  Marketing  |  Sales  |  Work Culture  |  Customers  |  Branding  |  Inspiration

The Honorable Michelle Lee

Director, United States Patent & Trademark Office
Former Google Executive
Former Computer Scientist at MIT's AI Lab and HP's Research Labs

Defining the Future of Innovation and Technology

  • Director of the United States Patent and Trademark Office (2015-2017)
  • Under Secretary of Commerce for Intellectual Property
  • Founded Google's Patents Strategy
  • Computer Scientist, MIT's Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
  • Computer Scientist, Hewlett-Packard’s Research Laboratories
  • Co-founder, Chief IP Counsels (ChIPs)
  • Former Law Partner, Fenwick & West

Areas of Expertise

Innovation | Technology | Competition | The Future | Growth | Entrepreneurship | Startups



Deborah Perry Piscione

Author, Secrets of Silicon Valley: What Everyone Else Can Learn from the Innovation Capital of the World

Authority on Changing Mindsets

  • Author three bestselling innovation books, Secrets of Silicon ValleyThe Risk Factor, and The People Equation
  • Former Senior Aide to The White House & US Congress
  • Principal and Co-founder of Vorto Consulting
  • Founded four companies, including Alley to the Valley® and Freshwear
  • Awards include: Silicon Valley Women Business Owner of the Year Award, Gracie Allen Award, The White House Project Award, Editorial Excellence Best of the Web Award

Areas of Expertise

Changing Mindsets | Silicon Valley | Innovation  |  Culture  |  Talent  |  Leadership  |  Risk  |  Collaboration  |  Entrepreneurship  |  Future of Work  |  Women

Dr. Lance Secretan

Bestselling Leadership Authority and
Award-winning Keynote Speaker

Unlimited Leadership

Areas of Expertise

Leadership  |  Talent  |  Effectiveness  | Corporate Culture  | Entrepreneurship  |  Competition  |  Inspiration  |  Loyalty



Tarun Wadhwa

Carnegie Mellon Academic, Author and Strategic Disruptor

The Era of Disruptors and Reinventionists

  • Founder of Day One Insights
  • One of the Highest Rated Instructors at Carnegie Mellon University
  • Contributor, Forbes and The Huffington Post
  • Author, Identified: The Digital Transformation of Who We Are
  • Co-Founder and COO of AIC Chile

Areas of Expertise

Technology  |  Strategy  |  Healthcare  |  Finance  |  Robotics  |  Talent  |  Manufacturing  |  Global Markets  |  Innovation  |  Disruption  |  Mobile  |  Quantum Computing  |  Block Chain

Jeanne Bliss

Leadership Authority and
Chief Customer Officer Pioneer

The Case for Leadership Bravery

  • CCO of Lands’ End, Microsoft, Coldwell Banker, and Allstate
  • Author of four international bestsellers, including the iconic Chief Customer Officer
  • Cofounded the Customer Experience Professionals Association (PXPA)
  • Created the podcast show The Chief Customer Officer Human Duct Tape Show
  • Over 2,000 speeches to date.

Areas of Expertise

Leadership  |  Strategy  |  Loyalty  |  Growth  |  Teams  |  Execution  |  Customer Experience |  Competition