Robert Safian – Winning in the Flux Economy

Robert Safian - Winning in the Flux Economy

Robert Safian – Exciting business speaker on the best ideas in leadership.

Spped Matters: When newcomers are elbowing into your space, you have to be the fastest mover to the next high ground. Hierarchies and entrenched practices become liabilities. Build a culture of constant change into your organization.

Diversity Matters: It’s not simply about social justice; data shows that diversity of experience, background, perspective open up your team/board/staff to new approaches and enhances long-term performance.

Collaboration: Get different kinds of brains to contribute to never-before-seen opportunities and challenges. This improves flexibility of the organization, engages employees, and accelerates business velocity and innovation.

Welcome Outsiders: Every culture gets internally obsessed; invite in those who will question the status quo and challenge your assumptions.

Find Your MIssion: Every enterprise is animated by a guiding purpose; articulating what makes yours special not only attracts and retains talent, it becomes an essential filter in navigating the myriad choices and time/resource demands in an age of Flux.

Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable: No one can be expert in everything, so recognize when and what you need to cede control over. And don’t fret when incomplete data introduces uncertainty into decision-making. Be confident amid the ambiguity, and shift course when needed.

Nothing Lasts Forever: Lifetime employment, century-long institutions…these myths have been replaced by a reality of fluidity. Careers and companies will evolve constantly. We all need a plan, but wise leaders know that plans are always adjusting.

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