Nextup Speakers on Evergreen Speech Topics

What Are Evergreen Topics?

Some topics remain interesting and relevant for weeks, months, and even years. They tend to be important topics or topics that are a majority of people can relate to.  For example, a personal story that shows how a speaker overcame an obstacle like addiction or disease would never lose its human-interest factor. Evergreen speaking topics don’t have expiration dates. They are new and relevant like computers as opposed to old and irrelevant like typewriters. Permanently relevant topics are referred to as “evergreen,” because they are like evergreen trees and shrubs, which stay green throughout the year. Some evergreen topics presented by business keynote speakers include the following broad-based subjects, which may change definitions as time goes by:

  • Leadership Speaker
  • Innovation Speaker
  • Futurist Speaker
  • Financial Speaker

If a topic has everlasting appeal, it is considered “evergreen.” It transcends the trends of the seasons, because the subject matter it offers is something the most people need or want.  It also must be able to hold its relevancy over time, and offer emotional, mental, or spiritual value to the most people possible. Some common evergreen topics include:

  • Making Money
  • Losing Weight
  • Stop Smoking
  • Dating
  • Beauty
  • Health
  • Self-Improvement

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